Philippine Culinary Festivities || January 2012

Culinary Tourism dubbed as Kulinarya Filipina is a Special program of the Philippines Department of Tourism as part of the Cultural Tourism Program. Introducing the Philippine flavors to domestic and international scene and aims to promote the country as a culinary destination.

Here are the  Philippine Culinary Festivities for January 2012.

UBI FESTIVAl || Tagbilaran City Bohol || 2nd week of January

The festival will institutionalize the ubi crop as the agro-historical-geographical-religious symbol of Bohol and to give the ubi the recognition it rightfully deserve in the market. It features an exhibit, ubi contest, an agri-business investment opportunity seminar and a cultural show.

LONGANIZA FESTIVAl ||  Vigan City, Ilocos Sur || January 22

Featuring the best longaniza in the Philippines. 

HAW-AN FESTIVAl || Bunawan, Agusan del Sur || January 26

Named after a local mud fish and inspired by its abundance, the Haw-an Festival is celebrated every January 26 in observance of the Araw ng Bunawan. I t is highlighted by haw-an catching and cooking contests and sadsad, a street dancing that showcases the Manobo's rich and vibrant culture.
BALOT SA PUTI FESTIVAl || Municipality of Pateros || January 31

One of the highlights of the Pateros Town Fiesta celebration. It is a food festival featuring a cooking competition of Pateros' famous "Balut", one of the country's original exotic food.

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