How's Your Weekend?

It has been two days without internet connection. For some reason, I can’t connect to the internet after exerting all my technical, emotional and financial knowledge, so I gave up. I settled watching three movies to let the time goes by because my tv's cable connection aint working, I wasn’t able to watch my favorite TV shows either. When my eyes hurt, I did the laundry but It was raining so hard my clothes are still hanging and wet. Those are the omens of moving into a new place, I figured. I slept twelve hours last day. No, I'm not intoxicated whatsoever. I was relieved when I woke up.   I packed my things up because early this month I've decided to move to a new unit with a small kitchen so I could cook those recipes I've gathered from my favorite websites. I'll be moving on the fifteenth of August since I'll be having 4 days off that time, perfect! My room is full of empty Cardboard Boxes and things that I think not important are scattered everywhere. Old books, magazines, old clothes, shoes, bags,  utensils, documents, compact disks, dvd's, and scratch papers are all in one place. I never thought that moving is a real pain. I’m thinking of throwing it all in garbage. And then the internet connection was up. Nice.

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