Free Yellow Cab Pizza at IBM's Pantry

I just came in from a heavy lunch break at Jollibee with saucy, cheesy spaghetti, two pieces of chicken joy and a large diet soda when my boss announced that there is a free yellow cab pizza at the pantry. Who am I to say no to freebies? Hahahaha. This is another reason why I love my company and proud to be an IBM’r. Today is nothing special, no holiday to be celebrated. It’s just another ordinary day at the office after the toxic quarter end.  In fact, it has been two weeks now of zero work at the office. I have been eating a lot of food lately and I know I’m getting fatter and fatter everyday. I decided to cancel my plan to go on a strict diet. I just can’t resist anything edible nowadays. I am too lazy to exercise plus the fact that I don’t have time to do so. I just thought of taking weight loss pills and Anti-estrogens because I’ve noticed that my breast is kinda bigger than usual. I’m not sure what diet pills are good and effective though. Have you tried to take a diet pills? What brand is affordable and effective? 

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