Where to Eat in Cebu - Larsian sa Fuente

Pork Barbecue PhP 5.00 per Stick

The Cuisineuer's visayan culinary experience never ends. This time we went to Larsian. Larsian is synonymous to barbecue. It is a barbeque or grill place the locals always head to when craving for grilled foodies. It has many different stalls selling the same foods: grilled chicken, fish, pork, beef etc. This street food arcade opens from 2 p.m. until the wee hours of the morning. Located at the uptown area near Fuente Osmeña and Chong Hua Hospital opposite Robinson’s Cybergate

Puso ( rice cooked in bunch of heart-shaped containers )

What captured me was the Puso. A rice cooked in bunch of heart-shaped containers, woven from coconut palm leaves.  I want my rice sticky. I found puso to be a bit hard compared to boiled or steamed rice, but there are those who just love this type of preparation.

The place is crowded with hundreds of stalls. Competition is stiff. When we came in, vendors screamed at us just to get our attention and convince us to eat at their stall. I thought they just want my autograph. Lol.



kala mo napakalake ng barbeque. haha! pero masarap naman at sa halagang 5 pesos magrereklamo pa ba ko.

Diamond rSaid...

Only in Cebu. I miss this foods.

Diamond rSaid...

Ang puso(yon pala ang tawag doon)ngayon ko lang nalaman


I ♥ Larsiansss! :) I never miss visiting this place when I go to Cebu! :)This post made me miss Larsians! :((


This is actually the cheapest they got -- all lean meat. They also have the combination of lean and fat, which is much bigger than what's on the pic.