Lechon Kawali (Pan Roasted Pork) and the Things I Hate about Big Cities

Some say that livin in Metro Manila alone is tough. I admit, at first it was very hard for me to cope with situation.Specially during these time of Holiday Season, heavy traffic, pollution, crowded streets. Here are the top things I hate about Metro Manila as of writing...

1.) No one Listens to Kindred Garden's Pangako. My topmost favorite song.

2.) Disappointing to Realize that Jerber Mercado is not my boyfriend.

3.) I can't watch Imortal because I'm on my way to work.

4.) Can't watch Narnia because my time is limited. In fact I have so many things in my mind but I dont have time already. Time to eat the Lechon Kawali courtesy of the Carenderia nearby....

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