Municipality of El Nido, Palawan, Philippines - where every island has its own distinct identity, has more than 50 islands to discover. Enchanting lagoons, few small atolls and beaches spread around Bacuit Bay - mostly occupied by expensive, luxury hotels - so instead of trying to choose one, Trixie and Rome decided to hop an island to another.

Unless you were booked to one of the luxurious El Nido Resorts who are hopping the islands on seaplanes and speedboats, island hopping conjures up images of packing onto steamy, diesel-smelling ferries between El Nido Islands.

Just few minutes from Simizu Island where they had a bountiful lunch, their group arrived at the narrow entrance of the famous El Nido trademark, Big Lagoon. 

There’s a long queue of boats coming in and out the lagoon so they have to wait in awe.

Their group was composed of different nationalities - there are Dutch, Portuguese, and some Koreans. While waiting, Rome can’t help but observe the reaction and tone of voice of the foreign nationals as they express their admiration in their language. “If only I could find translations services to translate what they are saying right now, I’ll be more than delighted”, he said smiling, very proud of his place.

From afar, Rome was still mesmerized by the rugged limestone formations and landscape colored by the magnificent clarity and shades of blue seascape as if he’s new to the place. "Ahhh, my soul has been cleaned, this is really relaxing!", he said to himself.

He chatted with the boatmen to fill the dead air between, "If the tide is not high enough, the tour boat could experience difficulty going into the lagoon. Some tourists were asked to get off their boats, walking on corals and damaging the environment" :-( The boatman explained with a sad tone of voice.

Their boatmen, however, were good in navigating the shallow part, it was a smooth cruising into the Big Lagoon. 

Touring the lagoon is the highlight of tour A. Bring a kayak with you when going to great Big Lagoon, it is highly recommended so you can take a kayak ride, paddle around the lagoon and you'll be moving around in your own time.

The view of karst rocks and blue water as they entered was a natural wonder and absolutely incredible. The amazing beauty of Big Lagoon differs from small lagoon. Small lagoon was intimate while big lagoon has a wide open views.  

As they approached the middle of the lagoon, the color of water changed from turquoise to dark blue. "It is probably deep", said Trixie.

The lagoon is wide and is home to small sharks, sea urchins, stingrays, jelly fish and some less friendlier marine animals so swimming around in the deep water might not be such a good idea. Their boat just go around the place slowly.

Every inch, this place is picturesque where movies and promotional videos are shot. Don't forget to bring your camera and just capture lots of still memories of the most beautiful place you will ever be in your life.

Amazing Rock Formation

Rome and Trixie quickly learned the downside of island hopping; no sooner had they settled in, cam-wh*ring, and appreciating the beautiful gift of nature, then it was time to leave again.... 

Clear Waters of Big Lagoon

Touring the Great Big Lagoon

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