Foodiscovery | DATU PUTI Sukang Sinamak ( Spiced Vinegar )

I have Longganisang Lucban at home and looking for the best Suka (vinegar) to dip it in yesterday at my favorite Robinsons grocery and I chose this Sukang Sinamak, a spiced vinegar manufactured by Datu Puti. I been seeing different kind of vinegar in the grocery every time but I normally pick the conventional "suka" not just because I'm traditional kind of person but it’s the most affordable one.

I've been ignoring this Sukang Sinamak for the longest time. Why? At around Php 50.00 its kinda expensive for me. But I LOVE suka! So this time, I finally give in.

Limme taste this Pinoy original condiment with my favorite breakfast Pinoy sausage from the north Longganisang Lucban. My verdict on the next post!

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