Heaven in My Eyes: Malcolm's Wagyu Cheese Burger with Bacon

I think I heard that it's an anniversary promo when Malcolm's branch near my office in Salcedo Village Makati City held their annual "buy one take one" promotion last Friday. There was an everyday countdown on their counter prior to that day making sure we customers won't miss the mouth watering promotion.  And just like last year, my colleagues and I were looking forward to that day to experience this once-a-year-offering again. At Php 140.00 I ordered Malcolm's Wagyu Cheese Burger with Bacon which I was about to share with Donna.

At first glance, the burger's patty looks tender, juicy and tasty. There were cheese, lettuce, 2 slices tomato and 2 onion rings. Tomato ketchup and a dressing were put in a separate containers - it was all good in my eyes. The only missing though was the drooling smell of Wagyu beef that I used to crave every time. 
I didn't complain and brought it to my office nearby to chow it down. The burger buns were though and aged. I was disappointed. I closed my eyes and searched for the high degree of marbling – or finely veined tender meat slash fat-that-melts-in-my-mouth but to my utmost regret, the patty was dry. My guess was, it's not Wagyu beef that Malcolm's claimed of their specialty. Veggies were crisp and fresh though.

Well, here's another culinary lesson, learned.


Mary de Guzman said...

Looks good, too bad they weren't able to bring out the great taste of Wagyu. :)

The Pickiest Eater said...

Visually it looks like a stunning burger... But I've never been a fan of Wagyu Beef patties.. I feel like grinding up wagyu makes it lose the beauty of what makes the meat spectacular in the first place.

I'm still bad trip that I missed their promo yet again hehe..

Nice blog btw :)