Kitchen Gadget: 3D 16 Liters Electric Oven Toaster w/ Roaster

My growing admiration with The Peach Kitchen and Not Just A Food Blog roasted chicken recipes prompted me to purchase this oven toaster. The last time I checked before I decided to bought it, it was around Php 3,000.00 so I waited like 300 years (lol!) until it went on sale and bought it for the price of Php 1,895.00.

Product Features:

Power Output: 1000W
Capacity 16 liters
Rotisserie function
Bake, roast, broil function
4 Temperature Settings
Broiler Option
With Timer
Auto Shut off
Color : White

The moment I went home, I tried to roast a quarter of chicken to test it but I thought it's not for share because I burned  it. What I'm just sharing is the "before" picture, lol! A beautiful chicken waiting to be roasted on my brand new 3D 16 Liters Electric Oven Toaster w/ Roaster.

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