International Release: Lightly & Confident Summer Solution from Opus

I have plenty of reasons why summer is not over yet on this blog like giving solution to the perennial problem that majority of men always overlook during summer - finding something to wear.

Just because it is summer does not mean you have to walk around in your speedo swimming trunks everywhere... and please stop wearing hip-hop shorts while on a two weeks holiday. Men of any age should wear shorts to1 inch above or below from the knee. People with unattractive parts of their bodies should refrain from wearing their basketball jersey with flesh spilling everywhere (unless you have Derek Ramsey's body) nor hugely patterned shirts with hibiscus flowers or palm trees all over them! Sandals and flip flops are not classy but are ok - but please don't wear socks and make sure you've cut your toenails. From my own sense of taste,  men of all ages should wear leather deck shoes throughout the summer.

For hot, tropical climates like ours, clothing should be loose and allow air circulation. A short-sleeved/ half sleeved shirt  to the elbow,  polo shirts, or long sleeved polo shirts like this Opus (bought from a charity store) in a cool fabric matched with tailored shorts is a nice combination.

I am not a follower of designer garments carrying its makers logo. Besides, I spend no more than Php 200 to throw away on summer garments, thank you very much. Good smooth fabric and manufacture is very important than the brand.

A fully dressed man, regardless of the weather, looks so much nicer don't you think? Well, charity shops will supply all of the above.

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