Travel Sickness?

Few more Boracay posts, luxurious Bellaroca experience, and a dozen of out of town getaways are pilling up on my external hard drive to be posted on this blog site. Plus, the Ayala Triangle project, Chef Hasset Go's recipes, and omellette series are waiting to be posted on my food website, The Cuisineuer. Geez, I can't breath just by thinking of these enormous pending tasks.

I've been away because I was sick. I been sick for a week now, I acquired flu somewhere and I hesitated to take any medication.  I was thought to let it pass, besides,  the pain was tolerable. But I've decided to take herbal medicines when my fever continued for 2 days and now I'm well. 

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Pinoy AdventuristaSaid...

take enough rest po... get well... :)