The Twofolds Tamaraw Waterfalls, Puerto Galera

Destination: Tamaraw Waterfalls,
Barangay Villaflor, San Teodoro City, 
Puerto Galera Oriental  Mindoro, Philippines

Ykaie's Birthday Celebration didn't just end with the fabulous Luau Party. The following day, Rome and his cousins availed a packaged and an exclusive trip up to the Tamaraw Falls, 15 kilometers from Puerto Galera and two other destinations (will be revealed on the next posts) apart from the waterfalls trip.  The scheduled tour costs Php 2000 courtesy of Ykaie's mom, Peachy. 

They went to the town's market first to buy food before proceeding to their destination. Anney bought seafood and some meat to be grilled.

A beautiful scenery paved away boredom on their way up. Lush, green vegetation on the right side while different shades of blue, endless ocean on the other side. The trip was approximately 1 hour. 

The 423-foot Tamaraw Falls is just a few meters off the road in Barangay Villaflor near the city of San Teodoro. The falls has a series of small falls. Water descends a series of rock steps into a natural pool that run under a concrete bridge into two man-made swimming pools across the national road, then flow out again into a jungle.

The falls derived its name from an endangered species of buffalo which can only be found in Oriental Mindoro. 

Rome stood by the edge of national road for a while, amazed by the magical beauty of the falls. From the tales of his childhood, he was imagining fairies roaming around their territory. He noticed small waves subsided against the bank of the natural pool, "perhaps the fairies were bathing", he thought.

He continued to be awed with its grandness that greeted him. Summer days has just started, he figured. Wildflowers were in full bloom. Looking steadily at the picturesque sight, the mist from the falls bring shivers inside him.He cant help but smile....

The entrance at the resort is Php 20 per person. There is a picnic area, recreation halls, picnic huts, and shower rooms adjacent to the two man-made swimming pools with flowing waters. They stayed near the kiddie pool.

The water was extremely cold! His nieces trembled at their first dip but when they get over the initial shock, they refused to come up anymore.

His desired to dip into the natural pool with gushing water pouring in him, but the water stream was so strong and the natural pool was barricaded. 

He decided to come back to fulfill his desire some time next summer.

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