Rome the Nanny

Taking a day off from the office doesn't mean rest. Sometimes, I do part time baby sitting my nieces and nephews. I read a lot of worse baby sitting experience. One story story involves being chased around the backyard by a 5 year-old swinging a long, thick piece of metal chain above his head like a lasso.No way, my idea of baby sitting is fun. I mean, FUN.

That was tasha. She's in a hurry to be a woman. She want to put some make up on and boobs "like the grown ups", she said.  Being their favorite tito, I always spoil them and always submissive to what they want to do.

This is Simon. Disclaimer: He is not gay. He is the most mischievous among my nieces and nephews. He's actually really sweet, but somehow, I have seemed to capture his other side! 

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