Starbucks' Rush - A Birthday Celebration

Classic Chocolate Cake, PhP 700.00

In a corporate world like ours,

everything is fast.

From the moment we log in until the rest of the day,

everyone is so busy,


beating the heavy traffic early in the morning,

hurrying to meet our deadlines,

eager to push our limit,

Maximizing the limited eight hours.

taking coffee and sweets  to fill the gaps between,

There are three SB store around the office,

One in Salcedo at the back of the office,

Another one in front,

And one in Insular building.

We normally start the day with a hot fix from SB (Starbucks)

Lunch is a piece of cake or a sandwich from Starbucks

we sealed a great day with a cold fix from Starbucks.

More often than not,

Special occasions that fall on a weekday will definitely be celebrated in Starbucks.

Last week,

One of my colleagues, Rush, celebrated her birthday at Starbucks in Insular.

She bought us deep dark, Classic Chocolate Cake from Starbucks

And a cup of coffee of our choice

I had my personal favorite,

cold fix of matcha tea

For me, it was a perfect match...

Like y'all,

I love Starbucks'  dark, moist,  chocolate filled, classic chocolate cake

I guess everyone wants that for their birthday

A sweet reminder of our existence.

Even sweeter if its free.

Happy Birthday, Rush!

Wishing you all the best in life!

And oh, thanks for the cake!



That looks so decadent!

Happy birthday to your friend!


Belated Happy Birthday to Rush! Sana dinalhan mo ako ng cake..


i love starbucks too :)

I am r0ckstarm0mma!Said...

hi rome! ur post makes me crave for starbucks choco cake.. yan din favorite dalhin ng bro ko who's working in sb.. so sinful but yummy! I miss! :D


Naks naman! Ang galante talaga ng friend ko. Happy, happy beerday, Rush! Mwah! :D