Halloween Party Foods: Ghost Milk Shooter and Pretzel Spiderweb

Everyone is so excited

For the upcoming Halloween

Mommies are busy getting a nice Halloween costume  

For their kids

And planning what Halloween foods to prepare on the party.

Here are some affordable and cute Halloween party food for you, party planner.

If you are lazy,

but want to prepare healthy foods for the kids,

these Halloween Party Foods are easy to prepare.

Ghost Milk Shooter

What you need are:

Tall Shot Glasses
Orange Sprinkles
Melted Dark Chocolate
White Chocolate Spread

Dip the rims of your shot glasses to a white chocolate spread, followed by the orange Halloween sprinkles.

Draw little ghost faces on your shot glasses using melted dark chocolate.

Pour in the milk and serve them up to your little ghosts with the Pretzel Spiderweb below.

Pretzel Spiderweb

What you need are;

Pretzel Sticks
Melted Dark Chocolate

Arrange the pretzel sticks, radiating out in a circular pattern. 

Starting from the center, slowly draw a spiral onto the pretzels, gradually working your way out to the edges of the pretzel sticks. The spiral of melted dark chocolate should  look like a spider web.

Draw the spider in the center of the web or put a non-toxic, lead free, spider toy.

Refrigerate the web for about 10 minutes and serve with Ghost Milk Shooter above.

Thank you, Blog ni Ako for the sprinkles, plate, place mats, and pumpkin toys.



Huwawwwwwwwww! Mas gusto ko pa rin yung octodog mo! hehehe! joke! Happy halloween!


Ang cute naman nito. :D


how cute!!!

Teka... ano yung octodog?