Auring's: A Taste of Authentic Pancit Malabon

Php 70 per serving ($1.61)

Pancit Malabon, a stir-fried noodle dish with the freshest seafood ingredients originated of course in Malabon City, Metro Manila, Philippines. Its toppings draw heavily from the fresh seafood that is available in the area and may include smoked fish flakes (tinapa flakes), fresh shrimp, squid, oysters, and hard-boiled duck or hen eggs, as well as pork. It has a yellow-orange color due to a sauce that includes patis (fish sauce) and alegue (crab fat).

Auring's Pancit Malabon seems like a complete seafood sampler. It is because of the restaurant's proximity to the major fish markets. The quaint restaurant is just a few steps away from the huge fish ports of Navotas City. "21 taon na kami (we're 21 years already) ", owner said when I asked how long they were serving Pancit Malabon. "Authentic Pancit Malabon consists of fresh cashew fruit", she added.

Php 10/each (0.23)

Pancit Malbon has a pleasing combination with puto (steamed rice cakes) or  pitsi-pitsi (steamed cassava cake) . I love their, soft and savory puto. I guess it's Puto Mamon. I think, the best tea that would compliment this dish is the Christmas tea. Speaking of tea, I'm planning to purchase Christmas tea gift set this coming holiday season, hmmm, I'm so excited!

Unlike dull and tasteless commercial Pancit Malabon, this is the real deal, the authentic and ancient Pancit Malabon of Auring's.

Auring's Special Pancit Malabon
Tel 282 1681 -7104029

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