Bathe in the Rain

After the much anticipated slumber party we had hot, rich, thick, and steaming coffee while watching another horror movie, this time it was a Hollywood film. The kids were half asleep but eventually woke up whenever there are freaky scenes and the screaming are endless. They are the super and hyper kids I knew. I swear, you wouldn't wish to hang out with them, lol! Kidding aside, It was a great experience. 

*  *   *   *   *

It has been raining hard since Saturday morning. Ater office hours, I braved and bathe in the rain just to go home because I don't have umbrella. Tonight I am not feeling well and I wasnt able to go to work. I suspected that I acquired the flu virus at work. It has been two days of bed rest since Monday but Im still down with flu. I have fever every now and then, severe head and body aches. Two days of no shower is heavy, I am so disabled. I wish I had a disabled showers so that it could be comfortable to take a warm bath. I took medicines every 6 hours. I'm taking bioflu and solmux for treatment. I hope that by tomorrow i'll be ok already.

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