Memories of my Grandpa

                    credit to guia for the picture

My lolo (Grandfather), Ramon Villanueva Espinosa (RIP) has been gone perhaps for a dozen years or more. But memories of him lingers on. Memories of my grandpa were pleasant ones from the family farm in Arado, Taytay in Palawan. Every summer of my youth my grandfather would designate us to collect chicken eggs in the morning and the rest of the day will be for cashew nut picking. The collected nuts will be sold at the end of the week, half of the money will be given to us.  I still remember the moment when he taught each of us (numerous grandkids) on how to ride a carabao. It was one of the precious moments!

One of the fondest memories I have of my grandpa was when one summer night, he taught us an orasyon (magic spell). He said it was a white magic spell to be used only for good will and good luck whether for love, family, career, health, etc. It goes like this, salvum pactum pactorum ego sum!  Oh yes, I am using it everyday for silent prayer of good luck or wish. Honestly, I did not know the meaning of it until I write this post. As per my research through Google translation it means: Save the covenant I am the pacts.

My grandfather was the finest man I knew, and this memory of him shows his character at its best.