R & J Bulalohan Tapsilogan atbp.

Craving for Tagaytay's famous bulalo but too lazy to drive down south? There is a well known bulalohan house along Boni Avenue near Mandaluyong Municipal Hall accross Mandaluyong City Hospital. Serves not only bulalo but filipino food, 24 hours. Jelaine who is a food enthusiast from my set of friends brought us here one summer night. Hey, we are experiencing wet summer and craving for hot, steaming bulalo soup is something to look forward to be realized. We ordered the "the bulalo" (PhP 250) but to our utmost dismay, the soup was not as hot as we have figured. Good thing was the crew changed it.

The place is not air-conditioned. This is not your typical Manila restaurant to hang out. We call it Carenderia here in the Philippines. I was surprised when I saw professionals and families await for tables in this humble  eatery. 

R & J Bulalohan Tapsilogan ATBP
Bonifacio Ave.
Mandaluyong City, Metro Manila
(02) 533-4811



Bulalo...dalhan mo naman kami ng bulalo..


tsalap, tsalap! sana maulit muli.


pag luto mo kami ng bulalo!!


Weh sarap nyan... buti ininit ang sabaw hehehe

John RaySaid...

ive been here before but that was years ago. and yeah, you save yourself a fuel cost from traveling to tagaytay just to satisfy your bulalo craving.