Regent Magalawa

"Check this out ", Jelaine pinged me with attached  picture of an island somewhere. We were looking for some place to spend the weekend in replacement to the canceled team building with Dart Team. I opened it, I was amazed with its simple beauty. "lets go there! ask everybody who wanna go with us!", I replied. We asked our colleagues and 3 others said yes to the impromptu escapade.

Jim, Tedgc, Jen, Jelaine and I went to Magalawa Island located in Palauig, Zambales, an island barangay of the Municipality of Palauig. it is a place where you can relax and connect with nature. Ideally perfect for swimming, snorkeling, mangrove sight seeing, island hoping and scuba diving. I have a little chitchat with the owners, according to them, several ship wrecks are around the area. I was informed that coral reefs are abundant in the area but I was a little bit dismayed when I saw dead corals, kinda alarming though.

They offer different packages please click here. We chose the overnight package, Php 1000.00 per person inclusive of  4 meals, boat transfers, island tour and overnight stay in the island's bahay kubo.  Fresh sea foods were served, (I will post it on The Cuisineuer)If you are allergic to sea  foods, you can make special arrangements. Part of the package is the Bacala Sandbar which is cool for photo shooting.

The concept is: Back to basic nature tripping. Do not expect luxurious, air-conditioned cottages, jacuzzi, nor free soap. Don't forget to bring your insect repellent if you dont want to be bitten by "niknik" (sand flea). portable water is abundant in the area, but dont expect shower. I enjoyed exercising while pumping the pitcher pumps before taking a bath. During summer days, I was told that water from the pump become salty. But they have back up water pump from the mountain nearby.

Contact Information:

Regent Magalawa
Reynaldo Boy Armada or Grace Armada
Mobile Phone Number: 0939 870 7413



wow nice escapade Rome!!!


Hanep sa posing!!


uber-uber like!!! :)


Taga Palauig ako and I didn't know dinadayo na pala ito ngayon. Yes, I remember it was beautiful mga 20 years ago. Glad to hear na maganda pa rin sya till now.

Anonymous said...

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Hi! Be careful of sandflies on this island as these are very small bloodsuckers that are abundant in their sands (NIKNIK). I blogged about them last 2006 when I wrote about Magalawa Island. The island was very different back then. Totally no material about it on the net yet so I just brought my trusty GPS and looked for the place. The beach areas were very unkept because very few tourists went there. Thanks so much for your blog and updates. I can see that the group of boy armada has setup some small cottages already and are cleaning up the place? Incidentally, two factions are currently fighting for the rights to this island, that group of Mr.Armada and a certain “MISSISS”. Be careful not to get in the middle of this argument as people there feel very passionate about it. There have been some threats and even deaths reported as a result of bickering amongst the locals. I believe the cottages pictured here along the beach as well as the contact numbers you gave are owned by the Armadas. They also own the magalawa facebook page. However, I think a majority of locals feel and support the authority of this “Mississ” as owner of the island so do be warned and be careful when you stay at anything owned by the Armadas on the island.

If you wish to read what I wrote back in 2006 then here is the link.


By the way, bring fruits when you go there this summer. These will help augment the bland fare they have available on the island.

Altogether, Magalawa island is STILL truly a beautiful place to go to. Did you know there is a marine sanctuary between this island and Pulo (San.Salvador Island). I saw it once and it was BEAUTIFUL!!! Lots of corals and fish. I believe that prior permission is required and a fee of 50 per head is exacted from tourists who wish to explore there. Please contact the Tordillo family (Mily, Junior or Raymond) at SMART# 0909 341 4621 or 0907 275 6995